The mobile Elysium Cruise Residence® protects residents and crew from inescapable Geohazards


Global, fixed land based, land-locked, aged care facilities, retirement villages, and 5-Star luxury resorts, are unavoidably exposed to geohazards that are inescapable. A majority of these geohazards are unpredictable, occurring with no notice, creating physical, psychological, and financial havoc, irreparable damage, and sadly, loss of life and livelihoods. Other geohazards may be predictable, and can be mitigated, but only by disruptive, inconvenient, and costly evacuation – and if the resources to evacuate en masse are available and accessible.

The Elysium Cruise Residence® mobile platform is safe, free, and protected from, these geohazards – an advantage none of the land-based facilities can claim.

Elysium is a Safe ~ Secure ~ Serene ~ Sanctuary against the threat of Geohazards.

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