Total: 371 Luxury Staterooms

2 Regal Penthouses

103 Penthouses

148 Balcony Staterooms

118 Luxury Staterooms

About Elysium…


Elysium is a premium aged care residence & Continuing Care Retirement Community / Assisted Living / Skilled Nursing Level (CCRC / AL / SNL) residence based on an expertly customised luxury cruise ship.

The Elysium ship is itinerary free, following the best weather, leisurely cruising along Australasian coastlines, visiting small boutique ports, enjoying long duration and immersive stays at the select list of Elysium’s ‘preferred ports’ around Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

The Elysium Residence is an elegant and dignified solution for those that would otherwise be in aged care facilities and institutions that are land-based, land-locked, claustrophobic, with static inflexible views, at the mercy of the local weather, seasonal extremes, and inescapable geohazards.

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Elysium is an elegant solution and life-style option at a competitive cost to that found in current premium aged care facilities, and luxury residences, in Australasia and globally. It is genuine care, dignified elegance, and a luxurious lifestyle option befitting those in their grand years looking back on a full life of success and achievements, and an opportunity to enrichen and add more quality years uplifted by the Elysium lifestyle experience.

Elysium harnesses the ‘blue space’ and ‘Blue Zone’ experience that has supporting scientific proof to what generations have felt all along, that a life with expansive beautiful water views is calming, stress reducing, invigorates one’s outlook, and encourages a positive frame of mind.

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“The way to predict the future is to create it”

~ Abraham Lincoln

This Elysium Cruise Residence™ lifestyle innovatively combines the best in wellness health, immersion in expansive ‘blue space’ and ‘Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™’ living, a choice for continued interactive relationships with international and local communities, an initiative and social imperative life crafted to add quality to every residents’ life, including all the support nurses, carers, hospitality staff and crew, uplifting and aspirational, promoting longevity… “adding Life to Their Years, and Years to Their Life”

– Elysium’s Founder, André Sidler.

Elysium sets the new standard of aged care


Elysium Cruise Residence™ is a world first in a niche market that Elysium itself has created and developed.
What this means is that Elysium has ‘First-to-Market’ advantage, is the market leader, holds 100% market share, and will do so for the next 5-7 years.
There is no offering in the world like Elysium.
Availability will be at a premium given the limited residence number of only 371 luxury staterooms, including Penthouses – refer to the ‘availability counter’ at the landing page introduction.

The average waiting time for land-based premium aged care residences is 1-2 years – demand for an Elysium residence may be longer.

Don’t delay, submit and register your interest early to receive your unique enquiry code to secure your priority for any future reservation – fully registered priority codes cannot be traded as commodities (at this stage).

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Exclusive Elysium Lifestyle Benefits…


Join the Exclusive Elysium Premium Aged Care Residence ensconced on an expertly customised luxury cruise ship


Enjoying peace of mind with the full medical support of onboard general and gerontology clinics, and 24/7/365 expert medical support staff


Hosts genuine, dedicated, expert, nursing care onboard, literally only minutes away with the push of a carer call button – 24 / 7 / 365


Provides the option for couples to continue to live together whilst one, or both, have increasing medical support needs – keeping loving couples together for longer and with genuine empathy


Caters for a broad, spectrum multi-national, full or part-time resident category that includes, but is not limited to, hospice and palliative care, aged care, cosmetic surgery, retiree, business professionals, and financial institute professionals.


The mobile floating residence harnesses the best seasonal weather the region and local conditions provide. By natural default this provides unmatched ‘blue space’ dynamic views of blue skies, blue sea, blue expanses, from your luxury stateroom balcony – every day.


Elysium caters to a HNWI demographic of aged care patients, palliative and hospice patients, retirees, business professionals, and financial institutes. Because of the concentration of wealth, and high level of business expertise on the ship, the Elysium residential offering is by default highly exclusive and physically limited by luxury stateroom numbers – this highlights the attractiveness for visionary early subscribers


The Elysium Cruise Residence™ is home to its in-house exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™, a longevity lifestyle designed “to add Years to Their Life, and Life to Their Years” — André Sidler CEO and Founder.

Elysium’s holistic lifestyle approach draws upon pragmatic wisdom, life-enhancing biotech, a broad range of healthy menus including proven Mediterranean style faire, daily choices of mental and physical activities, enriching social interactions, a sense of purpose and worth, genuine care, full medical support on call 24/7/365, and immersed daily in magnificent unimpeded ‘blue space’, blue sky, blue sea views. The Elysium aged care residence and longevity lifestyle is unmatched and unparalleled.

Expanded medical facilities

Comprehensive, expanded medical facilities and clinics onboard, provide the ship a globally elevated level of medical autonomy whilst off-shore. The facilities have a gerontology focus for integrated care and wellness to live healthier and longer, whilst also safely catering for medical contingency’s likely to affect residents and the crew.

Two full-time, 24/7/365, fully staffed, Accident and Emergency surgeries provide redundancy for each other, as well as podiatry, pathology, pharmacy, dental, optician, x-ray, and general clinics, provide a well-supported medical service for a majority of foreseeable scenarios, well exceeding the medical support levels likely to be found at other aged care residences, or luxury cruise ships.

Elysium’s unique onboard medical facilities and expert medical staff can be called into action in contingencies such as natural geohazard disasters, seabourne emergencies, providing life-saving and necessary humanitarian disaster relief.   

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Boutique scenic ports

Flexible and itinerary free, leisurely cruising between ‘Elysium preferred ports’ in Australasia – enjoying ‘blue space’, pristine, clear coastal waters of New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, anchoring in the most spectacular safe harbour havens.

Basking in long duration, immersive, interactive community port visits, changing location to follow the best seasonal and local weather patterns – safely avoiding inclement weather for their time as Elysium residents onboard.    

Calming ‘blue space’ sea views, unimpeded horizons, and dynamic coastal scenery

The dynamic change of one’s luxury stateroom residential view is globally unmatched. The Elysium Residence view changes nearly everyday as the ship imperceptibly weathervanes into gentle breezes whilst at anchor in the harbour, or “up-anchors” and slow cruises to another scenic and protected anchorage – no longer restricted by a fixed static view, free of land based, land-locked, aged care retirement facilities who cannot physically compete with this unbound scenic advantage.

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Our Visionary Partners

Elysium Cruise Residence® is proud to pledge its commitment to the Tiaki Promise – touch the link for more information on our commitment to protecting and promoting New Zealand, and to “Care for Land, Sea and Nature, Treading Lightly and Leaving No Trace”

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