A common Elysium Cruise Residence® and exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ enquiry

Kia ora our curious visitors!

Thank you for your enquiry and curiosity into the cost for safety, security, serenity, sanctuary and peace of mind.

The Elysium Cruise Residence® package is being finalised by our marketing and finance teams, and more specifics released in our global marketing campaign set to release later in the year. What we can share is that the pricing is based on the premium services provided onboard and what is currently being charged for similar land based premium long-term aged care facilities, and global price comparisons for 5* luxury resorts with unimpeded waterfront views. We did share our cost comparison basis in our FAQs that can be accessed via www.elysiumcruiseresidence.com FAQs tab.

However, for ease of reference, below are the main weblinks for the price comparisons that currently exist around the world for 5* star luxury resorts, and a weblink for a private bed fees in nursing homes in the US – Please note that those fees referenced do not guarantee any luxury stateroom with a balcony and unimpeded direct water views. What Elysium offers that no other luxury cruise ship or luxury resort has, is an onboard comprehensive 24/7/365 medical center including two Accident and Emergency surgeries, dentist, ophthalmology, pathology, pharmacy, podiatry, physio, social  x-ray, and general clinics, to support the residents and crew. Elysium is an unmatched, unparalleled, protected residential ‘bubble’ against epidemics, pandemics, geohazards, geopolitical uncertainties – Safety, Security, Serenity, and Sanctuary.




“Price is what you pay, Value is what you get” – Warren Buffett.

Of particular note is that the Elysium luxury staterooms (single or double occupancy) are secured via a Refundable Deposit (@$62,500 USD per sqm) that is returned in full when the resident concludes their residency contract with us (so the kids do not miss out!), and a Daily Allowance Payment ($450 USD) per day/per resident, for an all-inclusive entry level package; daily hospitality room services, assigned aged care nurse and dedicated carer, entry level medical care package, unlimited broadband services, access to scheduled social and interactive activities onboard and ashore, unlimited use of all recreational facilities and equipment onboard, spa and beauty parlour weekly access, three meals daily including beverages, with a range of options at the restaurant or complimentary room service, and many more additional value added services. The selection of services is further broadened by a fee based concierge service, and luxury service items via an á la carte menu.

This is the initial proposed pricing structure only available to the first 50 residents choosing their cabin location with a full deposit, out of the 371 proposed luxury staterooms available on our inaugural ship in the 3 December 2022 – 23 February 2023 launch window. The prices are set to increase over time and subject to local prices.

Please feel free to enquire again. We do have more context and information on our www.elysiumcruiseresidence.com website, Elysium facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elysiumcruise, and Elysium Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.nz/674e6bd5bbaf8e604da93832bfbc9c/elysium-cruise-residencetm-cruise-based-aged-care/. May we suggest that if you follow our Elysium Facebook page, this will be the earliest source for releasing the latest updates in the first instance via that social media forum, especially in regard to EOIs, residency applications, incentivised surveys, and the photos of our inaugural 5* luxury residence ship.

As a final note, exclusive to Elysium Residents, is the opportunity to invest in the Elysium Investment scheme that has double digits return, such that it is possible that your returns will partially, or fully, offset your investment in your future lifestyle with Elysium. We feel that’s a great deal, and will only be offered to Elysium residents that have fully secured their luxury stateroom with their full deposit.

We look forward to your thoughts and further enquiries.

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