Auckland based Grumman Albatross VIP

What is additionally unique to the Elysium Cruise Residence® business model, and harking back to a nostalgic, art deco, glamorous, romantic age of travel, is the exclusive support of a future Auckland based Grumman Albatross VIP and Medevac flying boat. Originally designed by Grumman as a robust military spec flying boat (not a flimsy ‘float plane’ or ‘sea plane’ – which are modified ‘land planes’) for Search and Rescue of downed airman and/or ship survivors, the ‘flying boat’ is built to handle up to a 10 foot swells and 6 foot waves – an indication of the hardiness and robustness of the design, and suitability to serve the Elysium ship in less than ideal sea states in emergency medical cases. The utilitarian military version could carry up to 28 passengers + 2 crew, however our luxurious Elysium VIP + Medevac version is to be converted to a spacious civilian version with a 14 seat VIP First Class seating arrangement, oozing business jet luxury, comfort and style, a galley, minibar, and flight attendant. Extra wide leather seats, inlaid wooden tables and recessed ambient lighting create an ultra-comfortable environment for transferring Elysium residents, their friends, family, or corporate colleagues, to and from the ship, or nearest international airport, to local tourist attractions normally accessible only by sea, or bespoke coastal or inland resorts, seaside restaurants, golf courses, festivals, or local scenic flights. The cabin is also designed to be able to reconfigure ‘in situ’ into a medevac capable cabin where one area has 2 fold down bunk stretchers and recessed medical equipment permanently incorporated as fixed cabin features. The experienced flight attendant is also medically trained to assist if necessary to the on-board Elysium ship medical teams that will travel with the patients and family member.

The exclusive support of the Elysium ship throughout Australasia provides an unprecedented level of safety and comfort for residents, staff, and to SAR services in the region. The Grumman flying boat has flying range and endurance beyond that of helicopters, two engine reliability, an amphibious land and sea capability, robust flying boat hull, always crewed by two professional pilots that are highly experienced and trained. It is a welcome level of support and service at many levels, and a world first to supporting a luxury residence ship, and other visiting super, mega- and giga-yachts in Australasia. The attached imagery are all generic representative of the civilian version of the Grumman Albatross type. The Elysium version will be liveried in the navy blue and turquoise emblem of the Elysium Cruise Residence® registered trademark logo and colours.

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