Elysium sand art at Maukatia Bay/ Maori Bay


Elysium Cruise Residence® would like to sincerely thank the creative talents of sand-artist Lesley Dixon https://www.muriwaiartsopenstudios.com/lesley-dixon , her assistant Tjes, and the time-lapse videographer, Aart Jan van Dijk of Maikan Productions

      https://maikanproductions.com/ M: +64 21571978 | [email protected] , who captured the unfolding of this expressive, and creative piece of beach art. We choose this beach venue and medium to reflect where the land meets the sea and sky – a perfect place for where Elysium Cruise Residence® ties this all together.

The 60 second time-lapse images to be uploaded soon on YouTube and our elysiumcruiseresidence.com website, will encapsulate the start to finish, in which we caught the image unfolding, up until the tide then slowly eroding the completed image some three hours later, returning the beach to its pristine state, and Mother nature restoring the order of Things. We felt it important to capture this simple truth and metaphor for Life in that no matter what mark we make on the Earth, our time is short and we return to the sea from whence all life evolved – Elysium Cruise Residence® is a celebration and tribute to that fact, honouring our parents, elders, and elderly generation, and a tribute to their life of sacrifice and accomplishments. The Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™  onboard our residence ship is a life of dignity, health, elegance, and grace – it is much deserved for all our residents.

With Lesley leading the creative endeavour to harness the beautiful sand canvas of Maukatia Bay/Maori Bay, adjacent to Murawai Beach only minutes to the North, the Elysium logo was recreated on the beach at low tide Sunday morning 8th November 2020. Pre-washed eco-friendly crushed shells were used to highlight our distinctive and iconic wave logo, which visually ‘popped’ because of the background dark purple iron sand of this west coast beach. On the completion of the artwork, Lesley then gathered us together to pay tribute to the inspiration for the Elysium initiative to honour our parents and elders, and the social imperative, and give thanks to the Bay, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Spirits that bless and protect the Bay.  Lesley brought a sense of reverence, symbiology, and solemnity to the occasion.

This was of course a Team effort and our massive thanks and recognition go out to our friends and their kids for joining us to create this fun piece of sand art:

Rick, Paulette, André, and Jake Lister

Glen, Abbie, Henry, and Mabel Cossey

Colleen, Halen, and Bobbi Warrington

Steve, Helen, Liam, Ben, and Ella Townsend

We are very proud to have had you all join us and share the gift of your time. Your invaluable contribution to this unique experience can be shared with friends and family on the upcoming YouTube and Elysium website link (To be titled Elysium Cruise Residence® sand-art Maukatia Bay / Maori Bay, NZ Aoteoroa). Thank you to you all, you made it very memorable, humbling, and special, with the warmth of your smiles, and the music of your laughter!

Our heartfelt thanks to all,

André, Avril, and Maximus Sidler


Photo by: Steve Townsend

Watch the timelapse: https://fb.watch/1KxO6zbJMH/

Watch the full video: https://youtu.be/VIepuycspSo

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