6 Ways Our Pets Help Their Humans’ Health, From Exercise to Diseases Detection

We take care of their health, but they take care of us in a few ways, too.


Elysium, like many other Pet Cafes and aged care homes around the world, have long recognised the companionship, comfort, and humour pets bring to our lives. Elysium has incorporated into the Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ two dedicated pet therapy cafes onboard, ‘The Cat Chat Café’, and ‘The Dog House’ on the upper deck with magnificent sea views. The enclosures are a permanent home for cats and dogs from rescue shelters in New Zealand and Australia. The ships residents have an input into which ship pets are selected, based on their temperament, age, and other important factors. Approximately 10 cats and a similar number of dogs will live out their days as wards of the ship with care provided by our ship based resident veterinarians and assistants, in a purpose built veterinarian clinic onboard. Of interest will be four canines that will specifically be trained to detect COVID and screen residents and staff.

Another therapy option Elysium offers is for the residents that are able, to participate in scheduled dog or cat walking for seniors, promenading around the upper deck, immersing themselves in the fresh outdoor sea air, stress reducing ‘blue space’, whilst enjoying the companionship of their favourite ship pet.

Exercise, Stress Relief, Lowering Blood Pressure, Boosting Your Mood, Providing Comfort, Detecting Health Problems, are but some of the well-known and documented benefits that “adds years to life, and life to our years” in our exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™.

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