Retired Captain Kjell Holm lends his industry expertise to the Elysium Cruise Residence initiative

Exciting news for the Elysium Cruise Residence® initiative and cruise based, long-term aged care residence!

This week, Avril Hanna and André Sidler, the founders of the innovative Elysium cruise-based aged care concept, were kindly introduced by long time industry professional Richard Vogel, previous CEO of Pullmantur, to another respected cruise line industry professional, Captain Kjell Holm. We had the honour and immense privilege of chatting with Captain Holm who is interested in the Elysium concept and our vision to improve the lives of the elderly via aged care on a luxury residence ship.

Captain Holm recently retired in 2019 from the tourist industry giant TUI and the Mein Schiff fleet as their lead Captain, responsible for launching eight cruise ships into service – this significant responsibility in ensuring safety standards for a cruise ship entering service is trusted to very few in the cruise line industry, especially for eight cruise ships! Currently, Captain Holm is enjoying his well earnt retirement from over 50 years at sea, residing with his wife Michelle on their yacht in sunny Queensland, Australia.

We are proud to convey from our conversation that Captain Holm is keen to contribute his expertise to the Elysium Cruise Residence® initiative and maritime operation, in what Captain Holm rightly identified Elysium as a “niche market“, and a high-end premium luxury service that will be in demand. Captain Holm is willing to assist in identifying the right ships for Elysium, and in contributing to the maritime operational aspects of Elysium. One of the key areas Captain Holm is most keen to pass on are his ‘safety at sea’ principles, hard earnt experience, and his solid safety culture that has kept his passengers, crew, and employers vessels safe for over 50 years – Captain Holm holds the keys to his tried and tested safety principles to apply to the foundation of our Elysium maritime operation.

Elysium is based on safety, trust, transparency, and integrity. Safety is paramount for our Elysium residents, crew, and all those we interact with at sea – without safety there is no business. Captain Holm wholeheartedly agreed.

Though Captain Holm has had several offers to return to the cruise industry and to sea, he finds the Elysium model interesting and a project he is keen to contribute his gold standard of safety principles.

We welcome Captain Holm and his passion for safety at sea, joining the Elysium team of leading industry professionals that share the same vision to “add Life to Years, and Years to Life” for our residents and crew.

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