A Society Is Measured by How It Cares for Its Elderly Citizens

A World Health Organisation article in 2019 recognised a multidisciplinary group of over 200 researchers for outstanding work to study and improve health care for older people

“Spain has one of the world’s highest life expectancies, and its rapidly ageing population is putting the health system under strain. Improvement of quality of care for elderly people is an imperative to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

The article then goes on to state,

Elderly people deserve the highest respect,” says Dr. Paloma Gómez-Campelo, a psychologist and researcher, Assistant Director of the Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research. “This includes quality healthcare, to allow for the best quality of life for the people who have helped build the society we currently enjoy.”


Elysium thoroughly resonates and identifies with the World Health Organisation recognition of the level of care and respect as being a measure of a society’s civility, and how it is remembered in history.

The Elysium Cruise Residence® tenets are reflected in the Elysium Mission~Vision~Values commitment, to honour and pay tribute to our elderly generation for a lifetime of sacrifice, commitment, and contribution.

Adding Life to Years, and Years to Life”, Elysium shapes the future of aged care globally.


Elysium Cruise Residence™ Mission Vision Values Statement – 6 June 2020



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