Healing Power of Cats – Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ therapeutic pet avenues

As a Long Term Care ‘differentiator’, and how the ‘Elysium Cruise Residence®’ exclusive ‘Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™’ is the market leader for cruise based ‘Long Term Care’, we have integrated pet therapy onboard via our  ‘Cat Chat Café’ that is an onboard café residence to 20 rescue cats selected by the onboard full—time residents from Australian and New Zealand rescue and SPCA shelters. For the Dog lovers, we have onboard ‘The Dog House’ Café residence for 20 rescue dogs also chosen by our residents – this includes a cadre or at least 3-4 dogs at any one time that detect COVID-19 on staff, residents, contractors, and are part of the rigorous pre-boarding pre-screening prior to boarding – no-one, even I as the CEO, and any part of the Elysium or partner company managerial staff, can by-pass this health security screening check – the detector dog test has a 100 % success rate and is instrumental in our ‘residential protective bubble’. To support this inclusive pet therapy onboard we have full-time Veterinarians and assistants sharing the role for 24/7/365 care of our onboard pet community of cats and dogs, and in the future, rollout of residents pets onboard as companions.

Cats on ships have been a common feature on many tradingexploration, and naval ships dating to ancient times, We are reviving that old naval tradition, and harnessing their beneficial healing, soothing, therapeutic influence for our residents, and for our staff.



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