Video: Elysium Logo

“Our Elysium Logo emerges, and then is reclaimed by nature, and rightly so…a metaphor for Life as our footprints are naturally reclaimed by the Sea, our original birthplace eons ago.

The Elysium Cruise Residence® and its exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ is the evolution of a dream to honour our parents, and elders, with dignity, grace, respect, and elegance. A tribute for their years of sacrifice, contribution, and recognition of their lifetime of accomplishments. We pay respect to the adage that the best education is at the feet of our elders – they still have value and a place in our lives, and are not forgotten or discarded.

‘Blue Space’, blue skies, and blue seas. Elysium is for a select few, only those with discerning tastes that recognise Value, and share the Vision of a future of Safety, Security, Serenity, and Sanctuary with us…

Nestled between copper sunsets and turquoise seas, where the Land meets the Sea and Sky, is where you will find Elysium.” ~ André   Sidler  Founder, CEO

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