Safety, Security, Serenity, and Sanctuary

This social media visual creation summarises what the Elysium Cruise Residence® embodies – Safety, Security, Serenity, and Sanctuary, for your parents, loved ones, elderly family members, friends, colleagues. It is a protected, mobile, comprehensive onboard medical center, lifestyle residential ‘bubble’, with vigilant COVID-19 screening at the port entry point, pre-boarding, and onboard, by the permanent onboard resident COVID-19 detector dogs to immediately detect and prevent symptomatic, AND asymptomatic, COVID-19 carriers from entering the Elysium safety bubble. Elysium is a future proof solution against epidemics, pandemics, geohazards such as flooding, earthquakes, bush fires, natural disasters, power outages, winter season temperatures, summer season cyclones, and extreme frontal weather systems, and geopolitical uncertainties or threats.

The Elysium Cruise Residence® mobile platform and its exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ is unique and unparalleled in luxury, comfort, elegance, dignity, grace, and meeting your changing aged care medical needs in place, and also caters for retiree business opportunities when embedded in a like-minded community of > 550 visionary, HNWI, VHNWI, and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals, and potential mutual access to each other’s vast business network and distribution chains.

Waiting lists for global premium aged care residences are normally 1- 2 years long – don’t delay, Elysium is the only such platform in the World, has limited luxury stateroom numbers (maximum 371 including 21 Penthouses), and a very low turnover of permanent residents.


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