Invitation To A Visionary Luxury Cruise Ship Owner Operator

Elysium invites visionary luxury ship owners to partner and pivot around the COVID-19 impact with the innovative Elysium Cruise Residence® and exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™  solution to get one of their now available 4* to 5* Berlitz rated luxury cruise ships and crew back into operational premium service with their Values, Vision, and Mission to deliver outstanding luxurious, elegant, dignified, and graceful customer service – this time to a full time residential High Net Worth clientele. We invite suitable luxury ship owner operators to consider the synergy and showcase of working with Elysium as an innovative Safe, Secure, Serene, Sanctuary, protected against epidemics, pandemics, geohazards, geopolitical uncertainties, as a mobile ‘residential bubble’ with no need for onboard social or physical distancing. Only if your luxury cruise ship, and premier operation, dovetails well with our specific luxury cruise ship parameters, please contact us via the channels in the attached invitation.

View the Luxury Cruise Ship Proposal here.


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