Elysium X Chooice

Elysium Cruise Residence® is a strong supporter of promoting Small Medium Enterprises to the world. New Zealand SMEs have a broad range of bespoke products, services, and authentic tourism experiences unique to New Zealand. Elysium has recognised that SMEs do not have large marketing budgets to showcase their creative, innovative, high quality offerings globally. The Elysium ship moored for long immersive stays exclusively in and around the New Zealand, Australian, and South Pacific harbours brings the World to them via our website, and showcasing select items as part of our inventory onboard to our >550 High Net Worth Individuals, their friends, family, business colleagues, and global networks, and distribution chains.

Elysium has strategically partnered with one of the most successful FaceBook page initiatives launched by Sarah Colcord and her ‘Chooice’ initiative to promote New Zealand SMEs cost-effectively.  

Please check our this worthy platform where we invite her membership to submit their bespoke wines, Methode Champegnoise, craft beers, gins, vodkas, whiskeys, specialty cheeses and meats, high-end pounamu sculptures and jewellery, wood crafted sculptures and ornaments, fine art oil, water, acrylic, paintings, pen and pencil sketches, and portraits. Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/Chooice/permalink/607425656607512 and www.Chooice.co.nz to see how truly creative New Zealanders are.

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