Did you know: Aquariums Can Make Seniors Happier and Healthier?


Many of us have experienced the fascination and feelings of peace and serenity that an aquarium of fish can create. In addition to being entertaining and beautiful, there are a multitude of therapeutic health benefits associated with aquariums.

·         Researchers have confirmed that gazing at a tank of fish can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and subsequently help lower blood pressure.

  • Fish Aquariums Researchers at Purdue University have found that displaying tanks of brightly colored fish may curtail disruptive behaviors and improve eating habits of people with the disease of Alzheimer’s dementia.

Elysium recognises the immense soothing benefits for residents and crew in having dedicated ‘aquarium serenity’ zones throughout the ship, up to 10 small, medium, and giant aquariums of Australasian sea life, where residents can sit in comfort, and on-hand room service, and in some cases at the smaller aquariums, interact by assisting the aquarium staff in feeding their co-residents at feeding times.

Elysium’s Aquarium therapy supplements the multitude of Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ programs throughout the ship such as onboard musical, dance, singing, art drawing, painting, sculpturing, computer, herb and recreational gardening, craft metalwork and wood work activities, and the interactive The Cat Chat Café and The Dog House Café where residents spend time with their favourite feline and canine resident characters from rescue shelters.

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