Exclusive: Carnival’s Global Ceo Says Australia May Be Among The First To Relaunch

Great news for Australasia, the home base area of operation for Elysium Cruise Residence™ and the Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™




Arnold Donald is the Global CEO of Carnival, the worlds largest cruise line with 8 cruise line brands and now 93 cruise ships.

In this attached article he identifies that Australasia is well placed to be the first region in the world to open up to conventional cruise ship operations. This reinforces what Elysium always knew about Australasia and the reason we chose to base our ship in this pristine protected region.

The Elysium Cruise Residence™ initiative significantly differs from conventional cruising in that it is a ‘residential ship’ model, an enhanced version of similar commercial and personal residential ships. Elysium is home to full time multi-national residents, with a supporting comprehensive medical centre onboard, has a dedicated VIP/Medevac flying boat for resident and crew transfers, hydroplaning tenders for smooth transits, and an itinerary that leisurely follows the best seasonal weather in the region, allowing for genuine, authentic, immersive, interactive visits at the small scenic ports throughout Australasia – “Adding Life to Their Years, and Years to Their Life” – André Sidler, Founder and CEO.

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