Quote of The Week

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty” – Seth Godin – American author, philosopher, businessman, marketer, and public speaker

Profound words from Seth Godin that reflects the reality of securing your comfortable aged care future for your parents, loved ones, or yourself, onboard with Elysium Cruise Residence™ – current waiting lists for premium aged care residence globally are lengthy, oversubscribed, and under-catered – don’t wait to when you need the safety, security, and sanctuary for your loved ones, make your interest known early as there are only 371 luxury staterooms onboard, 21 are luxury Penthouse staterooms on our inaugural ship.

The recent COVID-19 threat has already heightened the need for the exclusive Elysium solution to survive and thrive through future pandemics, geohazards, and geopolitical unrest, whilst anchored at clean, pristine, pandemic free Australasian locations, blue skies, blue seas, in luxury, with company, and safety. Time to dig that well before one is thirsty…

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