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Elysium Cruise Residence™ is proud to have identified our preferred and leading edge provider of aged care and retiree village comfort furniture for our Elysium ship – Crown Furniture, New South Wales, Australia. It is also our recognition and support for local Australasian expertise and talent in a global market, showcasing their excellent product line and customisable solutions – you can link directly via Here is a recent article from Crown Furniture that highlights their industry leading technology to serve and protect their clients, our residents, and our staff. This is in line with our epidemic and pandemic free, floating aged care sanctuary, and a reflection of the multiple protections we provide as standard with our Elysium residence.

We have the kind permission of Crown Furniture to share this article with you. To view it on their website, please click the link below.

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Fit For Purpose Furniture

Crown Furniture recognise the importance of fit for purpose furniture and the increasing demands on aged care operators to maintain a clean, safe and more hygienic environment for residents, staff, and family.

As we approach the cold season, especially in the wake of a global pandemic, the wider community are increasingly aware of the vulnerability of our elderly residents and the spread of infection in aged care facilities.

With this in mind and our commitment to continuous improvement, we have introduced a new innovative coating to assist with the task of infection control.


New Coating System


Having partnered with an Australian commercial coating specialist, Crown Furniture now protects all timber product using a new polyurethane coating that contains an antimicrobial additive. This provides effective 24/7 resistance to the growth of bacteria on the polished surfaces.

The active ingredient in the coating is Silver. For centuries Silver has been used in its pure form as a natural antimicrobial surface to prevent the growth & spread of bacteria.

This antimicrobial coating additive has been independently tested for antimicrobial efficiency. The tests were carried out by reputable European laboratories to conform to the highest globally recognised standards.


3 Modes of Action

  • Silver additive binds to the cell wall, preventing growth of bacteria
  • Silver additive ions interrupt enzyme production, stopping the cell producing energy
  • Silver additive interrupts the cell DNA, preventing cell replication







Leaders in seniors living & healthcare furniture

Whilst this new coating may inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduces levels of cross contamination, it does not reduce the obligation and requirement of facilities to maintain a regular cleaning program. This is just the next advancement for the market leaders in the seniors living industry.





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