Research shows that pet therapy boosts the morale of aged care residents and can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

The top three most popular pets in the world are #1. Dogs #2. Cats #3. Fish. As part of the exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™, we have on board the ‘Cat Chat Café’ for cat lovers, and ‘The Dog House Café’ for those that favour our canine companions. Our resident veterinarians and assistants care for the rescue shelter cats and dogs that we seek to adopt from Australian and New Zealand shelters, and respective RSPCA organisations. We are honoured and proud to be a home for these homeless pets, and this resonates with our Value of helping where we can. Residents are involved with the Resident Veterinarian in a choice of pets we seek to adopt that will fit in well with our community of pets, and humans, onboard!

The anecdotal, empirical, and scientific evidence is overwhelming in regard to the immense social, mental, and physical, health benefits when with pets, hence why Elysium has incorporated the pet cafes as interactive spaces on the ship with cats and dogs in the respective cafes. To complete the Top 3 of pets in the world, throughout the ship is up to 10 small, medium, and atrium sized aquariums, there to sooth, and for those that seek solace and serenity in dedicated sitting areas.

On average, pet owners live 2 years longer, which reinforces why we love having our pets as part of the Elysium Wellness Lifestyle.


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