COVID-19 Detector Dogs

Elysium Cruise Residence® will supplement its COVID-19 detection screening services using science, nature, and COVID-19 detector dogs as standard pre-board, and onboard testing.  

The rescue shelter cats and dogs adopted by Elysium are to reside full-time on the Elysium ship to give them a well needed home, medical care from our onboard vet, and as part of the pet-therapy programme for residents and crew at our exclusive ‘The Cat Chat Café ‘ and ‘The Dog House Cafe’s  onboard.

Trained COVID-19, and certain cancers, detector dogs join the full-time pet resident population onboard for early detection and early isolation of any suspected COVID-19 cases. Trained COVID-19 detector dogs will also be permanently shore based in Australia and New Zealand at every Elysium port as part of the pre-boarding COVID-19 screening procedures – a world first for a luxury residence cruise ship.

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