Elysium Circles Of Influence

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein
This applies to many situations found in life and circumstances that is recognised by visionaries,
entrepreneurs, problem solvers, inventors, and innovative individuals. It reflects the many
opportunities for lessons learnt from the challenges of COVID-19, and reinforces the Standard
Operating Procedures (SOPs) already in place with the Elysium Cruise Residence™ operational
model for safety, security, and sanctuary from the dangers of pandemics, geohazards, and
geopolitical threats. A post-COVID conventional cruising world will reveal the new normal for safe
and sustained health on cruise ships – procedures already considered in Elysium Cruise
Residence™ operations and able to be improved upon in light of the evolving best industry

The global cruise industry is implementing rigorous health and sanitary practices – this is the new
face of cruising and already part of the Elysium Cruise Residence™ procedures for residents and

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