The Elysium Wellness Lifestyle embraces practices long proven to “Add Years to Your Life, and Life to Your Years” – André Sidler

On the Art of Prolonging Life was penned by a Dr Huseland (“one of the soundest minds in Germany”) in 1797, concluding eight years of study on the topic. He identified among the many factors associated with long life: a moderate diet that was rich in vegetables and short on meat and sweetened pastries; an active lifestyle; good care of your teeth; weekly bathing in lukewarm water with soap; good sleep; clean air; and being born to parents who themselves lived long lives. Toward the end of his essay, translated for the American Review, the doctor wistfully speculated that “human life may be prolonged to double the extent of what is supposed to be its present limits, without losing activity and usefulness.”

If you could prolong your life “without losing activity and usefulness”, would you? Especially if friends, family, and colleagues had similar opportunities and were exercising those opportunities?

An important hypothetical question; if we could extend the productive life of some of the most prodigious minds in our history, and in that extended time and interaction with like minded academics, scientists, peace makers, biotechnicians, virologists, onboard an Elysium ship, could this floating forum be the catalyst and synergy to generate solutions to some of mankind’s most pressing issues? Can we even imagine what those conversations would be like whilst promenading around the upper deck, or in deep conversation in the leather bound library, or the art deco-retro Art of Travel Lounge? Would the Elysium cruise residence and lifestyle be a unique intellectual ‘speak easy’ meeting point to freely exchange ideas? What answers and life-altering solutions may evolve in such an independent and neutral meeting space? Follow us and join the Elysium journey to find out …

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