Encapsulates Ikigai into everyday life onboard our Elysium ship

Elysium Cruise Residence® and the exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ encapsulates Ikigai into everyday life onboard our Elysium ship and with our Elysium Team of staff and crew.

Ikigai is an age old Japanese concept referring to having a direction or purpose in life, providing a sense of fulfillment to a person, and towards which they may take actions, giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning. Feeling ikigai as described in Japanese usually means the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that follows when people pursue their passions.


Our Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ draws upon many healing, nurturing, passions, interests, interactive activities, to enhance Residents, and Crew, in their sense of purpose, satisfaction, and continued fulfillment living the Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™.

The Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ draws upon several past times onboard in which Residents may seek solace and solo contemplation, or interact at various social or business levels – you set your daily pace.

What does the exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ entail? Here are some of our exclusive onboard programmes:

Elysium Wellness Lifestyle Programmes

  • Globally recognised ‘Centenarian longevity diets’ for nutrition, health, wellness, and mental acuity. This continually evolving programme is developed by our partner dietitian experts from Australia and in hand with our partner premium aged-care provider is and
  • Gentle Daily Exercise – ‘Flexercise’– programmes, personal and competitive challenges, adventures onboard and ashore, walking the ships pets
  • Aquariums are a known source of relaxation, serenity, solace, and stress reducers. There are 10-12 small, medium, and Atrium sized, aquariums throughout the ship. Featured in restaurants, cafés, greeting areas onto the ship, and in dedicated ‘Aquarium Solace Zones’ for contemplation, rest and relaxation. Fish are the third most popular pets in the world. Along with our resident rescue cats and dogs, Elysium will be home to the top three most favoured pets in the world.
  • ‘Garden Guardians’ – Gardening therapy activities, lessons, and classes – recreational herb and floral eco-gardens around the ship. Landscape palms and ‘green areas’ around the ship for calming relaxation in the ship’s ‘green spaces’. The activity is open to residents and volunteer staff onboard for everyone’s mental wellness – “a rising tide floats everyone’s boats”. There is a resident ship Gardener Team responsible for the green upkeep, lessons, and developing video lesson tips, and promotion of the locations’ scenic background.
  • ‘The Shed Space’ – inclusive and comprehensive workshop to create wood, metal, other material, items for the ship, for sale to raise charity funds, for donation to local orphanages, primary schools. Courses and training is conducted to promote The Shed Space as a social or individual therapy place
  • Music therapy – selection of favourite songs in their respective cabins, electronic devices, scheduled musical sessions listening to favourite or requested musical pieces played by the resident band at cafes, dinner, dance hall, and social areas around the ship.
  • Dance Therapy – dance lessons, or dance demonstrations and shows around the ship in a variety of dance styles – classic, contemporary, swing, tap, shuffle, electro swing dance freestyle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhO7wSAoQCI
  • Singing Therapy – singing lessons, or demonstrations throughout the ship, night shows, in-house karaoke competitions amongst crew, in cabin online entertainment
  • Arts and Craft expression lessons with the onboard resident portrait artist and teacher – also harnessing the broad array of tools available in ‘The Shed’ onboard.
  • Creative writing lessons with resident writer, oral historian, and PR media staff to promote storytelling, recording their thoughts, experiences, memoirs, autobiography, and perhaps contributing blogs to the Elysium FaceBook page.
  • Pet Therapy as one of our respective social meeting points, “The Cat Chat Café “, and “The Dog House”, where the ship becomes a home to a selection of rescued cats and dogs from local RSPCA’s and rescue shelters. We have a full-time resident Veterinarian and Veterinarian assistant to cater for the care and health of the ship’s resident pet population of approximately 10 cats and 10 dogs (includes our specially trained ‘COVID Detector Dogs’.

Click below for further expansion on what our Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ has planned for residents and visitors, and crew.

  Elysium Wellness Lifestyle – Exclusive to Elysium Cruise Residence – April 2021

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