COVID-19 Is Prompting Wealthy People to Move Out of Cities. The Plague Had the Same Effect Hundreds of Years Ago

To escape epidemics, and pandemics, the wealthy have historically sought escape (because they could afford to do so) and move themselves and their family to safer less densely populated areas, free of disease. And eventually to permanently reside there. This is also evident in its modern day version where HNWIs from the US and elsewhere abroad have travelled to their escape lock down accomodation ‘bunkers’  in New Zealand – clean air, clean water free of heavy industrial waste metals contaminating the soil, water, and their environment, free of an atomic Armageddon at a location of no strategic military value to any belligerent super power – New Zealand and the South Pacific is the preferred location.

Elysium takes that demand for Safety, Security, Serenity, and Sanctuary to the next level where our Elysium ship is a protective, preventative, mobile, isolating gated ‘residential bubble’, free of epidemics, pandemics, geohazards such as earthquakes, floods, bush fires, cyclones, natural disasters, and geopolitical uncertainties and disturbances. Elysium is medically supported onboard with a comprehensive and  autonomous 24/7/365 medical center that will cater to the majority of your aging health care needs in place.

Elysium is a superior luxurious option to an underground bunker, with stress reducing ‘blue space’ sea views from your verandah, room service, and on-call nurses and carers! Book early now to secure your luxury stateroom as we are limited to only  371 luxury staterooms available on the whole of the planet with an anticipated 1-2 year waiting list because of the very low vacancy turnover rate of our full time residents!

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